We carefully follow up each of your orders

Ocean Treasure’s team will carefully follow up on each of your orders and provide you all the necessary updates and information you need.

Moreover, we will ensure that the delivery time is strictly met and that the product is processed according to your specifications.

For every order, here is the process we follow: Understand well your needs; Packing design; Processing; Quality Control; Loading, and Documents.

A team that understands well your needs

Sales team

Our sales team members are all professional in the frozen fishes and seafood fields. They can give you useful information about seafood products, such as the situation of the raw material, seasonality of each product, best moment to buy, etc.

Multicultural team

Our multicultural team is knowledgeable of your market needs and, with a good vision and understanding of the market, can help you in any situation concerning your order. Our multilingual team (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, and Yugoslavian) receives your request and specifications and contacts you by e-mail or phone call.

Packaging design and Specifications

When an order is confirmed, and before starting the production, we will send you a complete specification sheet to guarantee that your products are precisely processed according to your own requirement.

We will also discuss and agree together about your own packaging. Ocean Treasure maintains a professional packaging department with full knowledge concerning the major market packaging regulations, such as the EU, USA, Canada, and Latin America.

We can assist you in the design of the packaging of your products, helping you create, modify or update your desired artwork. Our skillful designers will create attractive designs to have beautiful packaging designs to increase your marketability.

Safe materials from low-cost to premium types

Waterproof master carton

Waterproof mater carton package can be used in Bulk seafood products.

Rider label bag

We provide bags with Rider Label.

Color printed bag

A range of color options to better meet brand alignment

Octagonal bag

High sealing, pictures can be customized.

Paper box

Paper box with customized print

Re-sealable pack

The re-sealable plastic bag can be provided with one-side visible.

Printed master carton

Master carton is also available with customized print.

Processing industry

Ocean Treasure has firsthand knowledge and experience of the processing industry as we have worked in this field for many years.

We can receive our clients’ raw materials from overseas, and here in our plant, materials will be processed according to our customers’ specific requirements. 


Rich experience of the Processing Industry


Sustainability as a continuous concern


Quality in all aspects of production chain

We are always concerned about the quality and sustainability of the products we produce and are monitoring all aspects of the production chain.

Please contact our sales team if you would like your goods to be processed and delivered from China, India, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

Quality control inspection and report

Ocean Treasure has its own team of qualified inspectors in China and Vietnam. For each order, we will provide you a detailed report based on the real inspection. We offer full services concerning quality control. We make sure your products are correctly processed, properly loaded, delivered on time, and in a suitable condition at arrival.

Ocean Treasure Inspectors Team

Loading and Documents

After the production is finished, we will assist during the container’s loading to ensure that the material is loaded under suitable conditions (temperature, loading method, positioning in the container ). After the shipping out, we can provide you any additional document you require, and we will ensure you will receive the correct documents in time.

Ocean Treasure’s team will carefully follow up on each of your orders and provide you all the necessary documentation (quality control report, health certificates, bill of lading, etc.). Moreover, we will ensure that the delivery time will be strictly respected by controlling the production time and shipment date.

Ocean Treasure provides you full services and we are confident to be your reliable partner to secure your business in Asia.

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Featured Products

Our high-quality products are always in huge demand by our clients. If you are interested in distributing your products in China, Spain, the EU, the USA, and other countries worldwide, feel free to contact us.