Vannamei Inspection Service, What we do more

Seafood inspection service is always vital in the seafood trade business, especially for the international seafood business. With over 12 years in the global seafood industry, Ocean Treasure has its own well trained and experienced team of inspectors in China, Vietnam, and India, and our inspectors are BRC certified.

Vannamei is one of the hottest sale products in Ocean Treasure. This product itself has a high requirement for inspectors. Unlike some Whole round fish products, vannamei’s inspection needs a very experienced inspector. Otherwise, you will miss many other essential points for your products.

We learned that their business range is immense for most third parties inspection in the market, from Agriculture to meat to fish. Their inspectors will do all the inspections. However, Ocean Treasure’s inspectors are only skilled in the frozen seafood business, and each one of them has more than ten year’s related experience in the seafood business.

So for the Vannamei inspection, what will we do differently for our clients?

  1. All the sampling plans are made by us, not the packer, except the client has unique requirements. We never accept packer’s suggestion about the sampling.
  2. When sampling, our inspector will mark each of the samples and the corresponding pallet, so if there is a quality issue, the packer will quickly find which batch may have problems.
  3. Our inspector will also check any basic mistakes for the package pictures, such as the production date, expiration date, product name, destination, etc.
  4. For vannamei, these defects need an expert to find out. Vannamei has four grads A1/A2/A3/A4 according to its color; But some dark brown, brown, and other colors can mix into the package, making it even harder to define its quality. Defect Softshell has three kinds: soft-shell, semi soft-shell, and paper soft-shell;  vannamei also has discoloration, off odour, black spot, black tail, broken shrimps defects, all these need professional checks and record.
  5. Our inspector always does a Cooking test, without any seasoning, to find the original flavor. It is also a further step to determine the species, freshness and checking if there is any treatment. In fact, we can see that many other agencies do not include this service.
  6. We can assure you that we will offer the inspection report after one working day of the inspection to make sure you get the details of your product soonest and save time for the shipment.
  7. Ocean Treasure will also give you a clear comment if the product is acceptable or should be refused or reprocessed. We need transparency and direct communication with all the clients using our service.

You have every reason to trust us to be your “eyes” in other countries with all the above. Ocean treasure has accomplished over 1000 container inspections a year for fish. We have been doing this for the last 12 years, including cephalopods, shrimps, fish, and other seafood products (China, Vietnam, and India). We offer our clients a neutral vision of their products’ report and present every detail before shipment.

European standard company and team

Ocean Treasure World Foods Ltd is a French-based company in China. Our CEO Mr. Oliver Nikolovski implements European management standards to the whole team. Our CEO enables Ocean Treasure to be a trustworthy company for employees, clients, partners, and investors. We warmly invite you to check with us for your inspection offer.

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