Why do we need a third party inspection?

The inspection service plays a vital role in the international seafood trade. It’s hard for our clients to ensure the seafood quality when they are far away from the seafood suppliers. They need Ocean Treasure, a third-party quality inspection service provider, to conduct the seafood inspections.

A third party inspection like Ocean Treasure will conduct the inspection on-site at the factory. The most common type of inspection is the final random inspection or pre-shipment inspection.

Once the inspection process is finished and any defects have been identified, the inspector will give the goods a Pass, Fail, or Hold result. The results of each check and photographs of the products are put into an inspection report. Ocean Treasure can provide the inspection report in 24 hours.

There are three main benefits of using third party inspections
  • You can conduct inspections at the factory to catch defects early

The inspectors can catch issues before your order leaves the factory. You will be able to contact your supplier to deal with the problem before loading.

  • You can use the inspection report to improve the seafood quality

The factory will generally trust the inspection result and follow the inspection report to ensure the final products match the standard. The detailed inspection report will provide insight into your order’s status and give you trustworthy feedback.

  • You can use the data from the inspection report to track the progress over time

When you conduct inspections, you will have a clear picture of how your relationship with the supplier progresses. The historical data in your inspection results can be useful for supplier development and managing factory relationships.

If you want to avoid your seafood issues and improve the results you get from your factory, it is good to consider working with a third-party inspection services company like ours.

Choose third party inspections, and you’ll be more likely to catch defects early, improve your seafood quality control.

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