Steps to defrost panga

We often consider Panga fish as “a fish for humanity”. With its advantages of fewer thorns, high protein, and diverse eating methods, it has become a new trend in the catering industry. In the trade process, there are many problems related to the inspection of seafood. Most of our companies will usually go to a third-party inspection team like Ocean treasure to implement it. In this article, Ocean Treasure introduces you to one of our specifications for defrosting, and we will set our Panga fillet product as an example today.

1.Randomly select the products from cold store, open immediately and place the products into a plastic mesh basket and weigh 

2.Soaking the frozen product with basket into water tank (still water and the volume of water is approximately 10 times of sample’s volume and the temperature of water around 20℃ before adding the fish)

3.Soaking time is until the product without any ice

4.Take out the product from water and drain the products no more than 3 minutes

5.Then weigh the products to know net weight

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