Inspection check for importing frozen shrimp

Summer is coming, and it’s time to start to get our shrimp dishes. We will mention some tips for importing frozen shrimp.

For those new to the aquatic oversea trade, first, all you need to know what types of shrimp are, what types of shrimp are imported, and what is the specific English name of shrimp? Including what you need to pay attention to when doing shrimp products trading? Ocean Treasure will answer you one by one today

First of all, we have to talk about the types of shrimp. Nowadays, there are generally three kinds of shrimps, white shrimp Vananmei, red shrimp, and pink shrimp. Among the three types, white shrimp is generally sold well. Ecuador, India, and Vietnam are the top 3 exporters of white shrimp.

For shrimp, the general product exported is shrimp tails, then let’s take a look at a few specific shrimp names.










It basically covers all imported shrimp species.

In the imported shrimp products, in order to preserve the freshness of the shrimp, we will use an ice coat technology which is called Glazing (Glazing is something we should pay special attention to when doing frozen seafood business. I will explain it why to you later on this article). In fact, glazing is actually a protective layer produced by the freezer (which is called IQF-individual quick freeze). The rules of glazing are generally from 0 to 60%, which are generally required by the clients.

Now, let’s talk about what we need to pay attention to when doing frozen shrimp business.

  • you need to check the qualifications of the shrimp production factory
  • You have to ensure the kind of the shrimp you want, the size, and the glazing. The glazing actually has a great impact on the price. Things might happen this way. Some suppliers might offer you a cheaper price, with increasing their glazing, and because you may not have your own inspector there, so you can’t tell the real glazing until you receive the goods. Pay more attention to this and check carefully in the contract for the tolerance of the glazing
  • If you buy a product in stock, then you must have a local qualified inspector to check the factory and its products, because in the aquatic trade, once the product is confirmed to start shipping, even if you receive the product and find a problem because of the legal problems, because the diversity of the countries law and distance, it is generally impossible to solve these problems perfectly due to product quality, and it will waste a lot of time and also the money. So be sure to find an experienced factory or a qualified inspection agency you trust to check for you.
  • For the shipment of goods, video recording must be required to ensure that the entire process will not be exchanged. If it is a photo, there may be a possibility to exchange the goods, so a professional quality inspector can help you check this process and reduce the risk.
  • Ocean Treasure recently will import a large number of white shrimp Vannamei from India. In India, we also have qualified inspectors there to check for us. We provide 100% Net. RW HLSO (shrimp tail raw materials), the price is very suitable, welcome our buyers to consult for details, please contact the salesperson below.

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