How to check if your supplier has certifications

Today we will explain to you how to check whether your supplier has those three certifications, BRC, MSC, ASC.

First, we will introduce you to MSC, Marine Stewardship Council aquatic product certification. MSC is a well-managed supply chain certification project for marine fisheries and processing aquatic products. It is very important to measure the quality of raw materials and processing progress.

You just need to go to the official website of MSC

MSC official website

MSC website

You can see the search interface of all the suppliers

company search list in MSC

Then you need to type the key words of the company into “Supplier name” and submit

You can type Ocean Treasure into Supplier name

Ocean Treasure in MSC

So you can see the information of Ocean Treasure. It means that Ocean Treasure has MSC certification and it’s within the validity period.

You can also try to search “Ocean Treasure” in the other certifications website.

BRC-British Retailer Consortium

Ocean Treasure in BRC search result

ASC-Aquaculture Stewardship Council

Ocean Treasure in the website search result on BRC official website

Now, do you know how to find a qualified supplier? Contact us and let us be your reliable supplier.

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