Seafood: a right choice

Ocean Treasure Worlds Foods Limited processes and delivers frozen seafood to the international market according to your specifications. We are able to offer top quality frozen fish products.

Our extensive product knowledge is combined with our robust quality control processes, guaranteeing you high-quality and cost-effective frozen seafood products.

Ocean Treasure is one of the largest suppliers in Asia for frozen saefood, exporting our products to all the main International Markets. 

Our products cover the following categories

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Top quality frozen fish such as Panga, Tilapia, Tuna, COD, APO, Arrowtooth Flounder, YF/Rock Sole, Salmon and more.

One of the largest suppliers in Asia for frozen Cephalopods, exporting to all main International Markets.

Top quality sea caught and farmed shrimps. Our main shrimp products include: Red Shrimp, Pink Shrimp, Black tiger and Vannamei.

Genuine fish paste into sticks, flakes, portions, crab claw, shrimp imitation, lobster imitation.

A variety of specialties, including coated fish (fish finger, fish fillets, etc), seafood mix, sliver fish, etc.

Many kinds of Bi-valves products, such as Scallops, Mussels and Clams.

Large range of products.

In addition to our wide selection of frozen seafood products, a wide range of high quality vegetables and fruit are at your disposal.

Featured Products

Our high quality products are always at a huge demand by our clients. If you are interested to distribute your products in China, Spain, the EU, the USA and other countries all round the world, feel free to contact us.