Champignon/White mushroom

Agaricus bisporus
Presentation Slices/Dices/Whole
Ingredient Fresh champignon
Size – Whole – Slices D 2-4cm, T 4mm-6mm – 1/4 Dices Customization is available
Season whole year
Packaging Inner bags packed in 350g/500g/750g/1000g/2000g, Outer package is 10kg/carton,or do package according to clients requirements

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Champignon/White mushroom

White mushrooms are a great source of fiber, protein, and vitamins, minerals, saturated fat, and sodium.
White mushrooms are rich in selenium and antioxidants. In addition, mushrooms also contain vitamin B2 and niacin, which are important for the health of the immune system.  The tyrosinase in white mushroom has the effect of lowering blood pressure obviously.
The mushroom can be available the whole year, peak season from March to November.
Main markets: Europe, Russia, the USA, South American, Korea, Japan, etc.

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white mushroom

Champignon/White mushroom

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