Japanese Flying Squid

Todarodes Pacificus
Presentation: Whole Round/clean tube/rings/cubes Tube&Tentacle(T&T)/tentacle/Strips/wings IQF/Interleaved/block, Raw/Blanched
Packaging: Retailer pack or bulk
Season: Sep-Nov
Glazing: Ring: 0-50%, Others: 0-30%
Additives: Chemical-free or according to EU standards
Size: Tube: U5, U7, U10, 10/15, 15/20, 15-18cm 18-22cm, 22-26cm, 26cm upRing: dia 2/5cm, 3/6cm, 4/8cmT&T: 3/5 inch, 5/8 inch

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Japanese Flying Squid

Japanese Flying Squid-Todarodes Squid is mainly caught in China, South Korea, and Japan. In fact, it has only a one-year-old life. It lays eggs in Spring and become baby squid in Apr. and May then grows up to about 100-200g in July and 200-300g in Aug.to Sep. Specifications for squid products can be Dirty tubes, Clean tubes, rings, Tube & Tentacle, wings, strips, sticks.

Size for tube: U5, U7, U10, U10-20.

Size for Rings: mainly 3-6cm.
Market: EU market, mid east, Latin America, North Africa, South East Asia, etc.

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Japanese Flying Squid

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