Oreochromis Niloticus/ Tilapia Mossambica
Presentation: Whole round, G+S, G+G, fillet, normal/deep skinned, CO treatment or Non, normal/well-trimmed,IQF/Interleaved/bloc
Packaging: Retailer pack, Vacuum pack, I.W.P. or bulk
Season: Whole year-round
Glazing: 0-30%
Additives: Chemical-free or EU treatment
Size: Fillets: 1/3oz, 3/5oz, 5/7oz, 7/9oz, 9oz up (oz/pc)G+S and G+G: 350/550g, 550g/750g, 750/950g, 950gup(g/pc)

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Ocean Treasure is the biggest tilapia supplier in China. As a farmed fish, Tilapia is available the entire year for the whole round and in the fillet. Tilapia is a white fish with a bland flavor that makes it a good substitute for other white fish, including snapper, grouper, flounder, and rockfish.

China Tilapia is a commercially popular fish globally, and Ocean Treasure is a leading tilapia supplier in China. As we know, China has the biggest farming market and also the most processing plant of Tilapia. Tilapia is the common name in the cichlid fish family. The taste of china tilapia is mild with a sweet flavor, and the meat is white, lean, and flaky. Additionally, there is a high protein content in Chinese Tilapia, and it is low in fat.

Tilapia is mainly freshwater fish inhabiting shallow streams, ponds, rivers, and lakes, too. While Guangdong Province and Guangxi Province have the most farming plants for Chinese Tilapia. Farmed Tilapia in china is popular because of its low price, easy preparation, and a mild taste. The market for china’s Tilapia plays a leading role in the world.

According to the market trend, the quality of frozen tilapia fillet can vary. So it’s important to stay with a good and reliable supplier to ensure your product’s consistency. Tilapia is mostly exporting to South America, the European Union, and the USA.


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