Red Gurnard

Lepidotrigla Microptera
Presentation: Fillets IQF / Skin on / scaled / PBO
Packaging: 1kg rider label bag,10kg carton
Season: peak season: Nov, Dec
Glazing: 20%, 25%, 30%
Additives: Eu-treated
Size: 60/100g / 100/150g / 150/200g

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Red Gurnard

Red Gurnards are fast-growing fish. It is a sea-caught fish species that we found mainly in Zhejiang province, China. We catch Red gurnards mainly by demersal trawlers and beam trawlers in mixed fisheries.

The main season for the red gurnard is from October to December. The price of this fish remains stable due to the general catching situation and quantity requested.

The most common presentation of red gurnard is in fillet with skin-on, and red-color appearance. All fillets are usually presenting with EU treatment. The main markets are Italy, Germany, and Netherland. The demand is stable all year.

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Red Gurnard

Red Gurnard

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