Panga / Basa

Scientific name:
Pangasius Hypophthalmus
Presentation: Whole Round/Fillet/Steak/Breaded fillet White/light pink/light yellow,skinless/boneless fat on/off red meat on/off, belly on/off, untrimmed/semi-trimmed/well-trimmed IQF/Interleaved/block
Packaging: Retailer pack, Vacuum pack, I.W.P. or bulk
Season: Whole year around
Glazing: 0-40%
Additives: Chemical-free or EU treatment
Size: 80-120g, 120-170g, 170-220g, 220g up (g/pc)or 3-5, 5-7, 7-9, 9 up

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Panga / Basa


Vietnamese Pangasius is highly appreciated by local and international consumers, not only for its high nutritious value, white muscle, without horizontal bones, without the smell of sediment and seaweed a little of taste lipid content, but also for its safety to all consumers in all age groups.
Vietnamese Pangasius is a species of traditional farming by farmers in the Mekong River Delta. Panga farming is available all year- round to meet the high demand of global, mostly exporting to the USA, China, Latin America, EU, South east-Asia, middle east, etc.

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Panga / Basa

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