Pacific Saury

Cololabis Saira
Presentation: WR, IQF/Interleaved/Block.
Packaging: Retailer pack or bulk
Glazing: 0-20%
Additives: Chemical-free
Size: 50/70, 70/90, 90/110, 110/130, 130/150, 150+

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Pacific Saury

Pacific Saury is a fish with a small mouth, an elongated body, and a small forked tail. You can find them in North Pacific, from Korea to japan until the Gulf of Alaska, and in the South of Mexico. Our raw materials are originally from Taiwan and Mainland China.

China pacific saury is a very common and popular fish particularly appreciate by restaurants. It can be used for market sales and also canning production.

Catching takes place every year from July to December. Quantity available differs from one year to another, which has an influence on the price trend. Recently, the availability is lower than the previous year.

The main markets to consume Pacific Saury are in South East Asia, Russia, and Ukraine. China Pacific Saury is not affected by the fishing ban as they are caught in the North Pacific Ocean.

It is about 25-30 cm long when caught, but it can grow up to 40 cm long and is about 180 grams when caught in the autumn. Saury will be at most four years old. Saury is a pelagic fish and wants to stay close to the surface and is caught there, but it can also be down to a depth of up to 230 m. When saury is escaping from predators, it floats on the surface and is similar to other fish within the genus.

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pacific saury

Pacific Saury

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