Natural Tomato Paste

 Ingredient  Fresh Tomatoes
 Smell  Pure Natural Flavour
 Processing Type  Cold Break, Hot Break
 Shelf Life  2 years
 Quality Class  First-class
 Net Volume  220kg
Concentration 28-30%brix, 30-32%brix, 36-38%brix
Packaging 220L aseptic bag with steel drum

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Natural Tomato Paste

Natural Tomato paste is a good seasoning for food.

We offer China origin, mainly exports to the EU, Africa, Mid-east, and also Asia.

Product Season is Aug-Sep each year.

This product can be used for canned food, pasta, pizza sauce, or making juice.

Besides lycopene, there are B vitamins, dietary fiber, minerals, protein, and natural pectin in tomato sauce. Compared with fresh tomatoes, the nutrients in tomato sauce are more easily absorbed by the human body.

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Natural Tomato Paste

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