Milk Fish

Scientific name: Chanos Chanos
Presentation: Whole Round/Fillet
Packaging: Retailer pack or bulk
Season: From September to November
Glazing: 0-25%
Additives: Chemical Free
Size: Taiwan:600/800,800/1000,1000/1200(1500) Indonesia:100/200, 300/500, 500

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Milk Fish

Milk Fish is a farmed fish and sourcing from Taiwan, Indonesia, etc. The main season in Taiwan is from September to November. The milkfish from Taiwan is bigger, from Indonesia is smaller.
This species looks like a typical silver-colored fish. It has an elongated, torpedo-shaped body. The dorsal, or upper side of its body is darker than the ventral, or underside. Its tail fin is relatively long compared to the rest of its body.
Color: Similar silver, light
Odour: Typical, fresh fish odour
Taste: Softer than Mackerel, more firm than Tilapia
Texture: Milkfish have a medium and mild taste with a firm texture.
Ocean Treasure mainly exported to the USA, Middle East Area, and so on.

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milkfish whole round

Milk Fish

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