Presentation Pure white garlic, normal white garlic
Packaging Mesh bag, carton package, according to client’s request
Season Cold stocking garlic: from September to next May Fresh garlic: from June to September
Glazing no glazing
Additives No
Size 4.5-5.0cm,5.0-5.5cm,5.5-6.0cm,6.0-6.5cm,6.5cm up

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Garlic, as common agriculture food, have a lot of beneficial effects. It can reduce bacteria, keep the heart in good condition and immunity, and contain high nutritional value.
Garlic main season is in May and the fresh garlic is available in early June to August and cold stocking garlic is available in September to Next May.
We can also provide fresh garlic as well as frozen garlic.
The main market is Europe, South American, Mid East, Africa, Australia, and Asia.

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