Chum Salmon/Pink Salmon

Oncorhynchus Keta / Oncorhynchus Gorbuscha
Presentation: Fillet, portion, steak, tails, skin-on/off, PBI/PBO, color 11-13/13+ Fat line on/off, IQF/Interleaved/block
Packaging: Retailer pack or bulk
Season: Chum Salmon: Aug-Oct Pink Salmon: July-Sep
Glazing: 0-30%
Additives: Chemical-free or according to EU standards
Size: Fillets:300-500g, 500-1000g, 1000g up or 1-2lb, 2-4lb, 3-5lb

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Chum Salmon/Pink Salmon


Chum salmon is distributed on the east and west coasts of the Pacific Ocean. The Heilongjiang, Ussuri, and Songhua rivers are the most common areas for salmon farming in China. Chum salmon is with a high nutritional value.
Pink salmon is caught from the Pacific Ocean and our RM is mainly from Russia and the USA.Pink catching in odd years usually more than even years. It’s good to taste and suitable for people of all ages. The main market is in the USA and the EU and Asia.

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Chum Salmon/Pink Salmon

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