Frozen Raspberry

Variety Fertodi, Tulamben, Willamette, etc
China Origin Liaoning, Heilongjiang, Shandong, Hebei Province, etc
Grade Grade A, Whole: Including 5%crumble and 20% crumble Grade B: 100%crumble
Harvest Time July-Oct
Supply time The whole year, mainly July-Oct
Storage Temperature – 18°C
Shelf Life 24 months under – 18°C
Packing Bulk:4x 2.5kg bag Retailer Bag: according to client request
Exporting Standard No rot,  discolor, insect damage broken and no foreign bodies

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Frozen Raspberry

Ocean Treasure is a supplier/exporter of frozen raspberry in China. Raspberry is Rubus Rosaceae (Rubus spp. ), Perennial deciduous fruit trees, small shrubs. Raspberries belong to more than 750, mainly in the temperate northern hemisphere, a small number of tropical, subtropical, and southern hemispheres—about 200 species in China and raspberry cultivation varieties imported from abroad.

Main Markets:
South America: Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, CR, Panama
North American: USA, Canada
Mid East:(Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon, Israel) 5-6 mix sizes mainly
EU (Holland, Belgium, Norway, Italy, Greece, etc.)and Russia

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Frozen Raspberry

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