Scientific Name: Clarias fuscus
Presentation: WR(whole round)/Gutted/HGT/fillet skin on, skinless
Packaging: bulk, plastic bag
Season: Whole year around, peak season Jun-Dec
Glazing: 0-20%   IQF
0-35%   Block
Additives: Chemical-free or EU Treatment
Size: 500-1000g,1000-2000g

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Ocean Treasure is an international supplier and exporter of Catfish.

Catfish is a farmed fish and sourcing from the South of China and Vietnam
The main season from China is Jun-Dec

Shape: Long strip
Color: The skin is black, and the flesh is light yellow and white.
Odour: The meat will have an earthy smell.
Taste: Taste firm

Catfish is a fast-growth fish with firm taste, delicious taste, stable price fluctuations, and no small thorns between muscles.

Mainly exported to West African countries.

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catfish whole round


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