Blue Shark

Prionace Glauca
Presentation: HGT, fillet, steak
Packaging: Bulk, IVP, IWP Fillet:IQF,skinless,boneless,bloodline OUT,chemical-free,IWP,25 kgs master carton Steak:IQF,SKINLESS,boneless,IWP,10kg master carton
Season: Whole year around
Glazing: According to the client’ s request
Additives: Chemical-free
Size: HGT: 10KG+, 20KG+ Fillet:  2kg up Steak: 100-300g/pc, size before glaze

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Blue Shark

The blue shark: “Prionace glauca” is a beautiful shark, with a blueish skin which gives it its common name. The term “glauca” comes from the Latin meaning “blue-gray” or “green.” It is the most distributed shark in the world. You can find them in deep waters in the world’s temperate and tropical oceans. Blue Shark’s flavour is meaty and mild. Shark meats are full of water and very easy to lose its moisture.
We mainly export this product in Mexico, Colombia, and Brazil.

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blue shark

Blue Shark

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