Lates Calcarifer
Presentation: WR, G+S, HGS, Fillet, Steak. Skinon/skinless, untrimed/semi-trimmed/well trimmed, IQF/Interleaved/Block.
Packaging: Retailer pack, Vacuum pack, IWP or bulk
Season: Whole year-round
Glazing: 0-20%
Additives: Chemical-free or EU treatment.
Size: 400/600, 600/800, 800/1200, 1200/2000g/pcs. (Whole round) 5/7, 7/9, 9/10, 10/12, 12/14 oz. (Fillet)

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Barramundi is similar to seabass, belongs to the same group family.
Farmed in the same area of Seabass, also of high-level nutrition, meat is more chewiness than seabass. High-value products, exporting to the Middle East and Southeast Asia countries mainly. During the fishing ban, the price will be a little higher due to the market consumes more farmed fish.

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