Vietnam: Officials extend stricter COVID-19 rules in Vietnam through September. 8 /Lasted update


Vietnamese authorities have extended controls under Directive 16, the tightest level of COVID-19 curbs, in Vietnam through at least September. 8. Residents must remain inside their homes unless leaving for essential purposes, such as purchasing food, seeking medical care, or working in essential industries. Nonessential passenger transport, outdoor gatherings of more than two people, and nonessential businesses remain banned.

Screening checkpoints are in place on roads throughout Vietnam. Additional security personnel will likely remain deployed in the area to enforce movement and gathering restrictions through at least September. 8. Severe business and transport disruptions are likely to continue.

Individuals traveling to one area from many other areas of Vietnam, especially areas in the south of the country, including Ho Chi Minh City, are subject to mandatory institutional quarantines. Hundreds of flights have been canceled due to insufficient space at quarantine facilities.


Defer all nonessential travel for the duration of the strict movement and gathering controls. Follow all official instructions. Remain polite and cooperative if questioned by security personnel. Avoid crowded areas. Stock up on essential supplies as a precaution. Confirm all travel reservations. Make allowances for possible additional domestic travel restrictions if operating in the region. Abide by national health and safety measures. Liaise with trusted contacts for further updates and guidance. Maintain contact with your diplomatic representation. Ensure contingency plans account for further disruptive measures or extensions of current restrictions. Reconsider and reconfirm nonemergency health appointments.

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