Seafood Industry is Booming Again

On April 28, the 28th Seafood Expo Global came to an end at the Fira Barcelona Grant Via, Spain. The Sea Food Expo Global is one of the world’s largest seafood exhibitions, which has gone through a change of location and Covid-19. Delayed three years, this event held in Barcelona 2022.

According to their official news, Seafood Expo Global/Seafood Processing Global is the world’s largest seafood trade event. More than 29,100 buyers, suppliers, media, and other seafood professionals came to Spain from 150 countries. Attendees come to meet with existing suppliers, source new products and network with other industry professionals.

Due to the current turmoil in Ukraine and Russia and the repeated Covid-19, many companies from relevant regions were unable to attend the event. There were few exhibitors from mainland China as well. To quote from the official data, there are only 6 Chinese exhibitors.

Ocean Treasure, a French-based seafood company, attended this big event from mainland China. We believe it is worthy to take the risk. We need to bear the complicated fly and long quarantine. As the resident guest of Seafood Expo Global, Ocean Treasure’s experts keen to meet our client in person. In this event, experts were trying to make sure that the clients are aware about Ocean Treasure. At the same time, Ocean Treasure’s responsibility is to inform our clients what should purchase into priority and what should aware the price might be. Gladly, image is clear directly from our master clients after the deeper communication. Ocean Treasure will share some insightful perspectives with our followers.

1.The industry is turned to positive

In the past three years, the seafood industry was grouping forward in the blurring. After long-term quarantine and epidemic prevention, it is clear in the Seafood Expo Global that the seafood situation in western is very positive now. The market has shown many increases in various products. Everyone in the event could feel the booming of market.

2.Northern China products are highly demanded

Northern China products like APO, COD and salmon, featured by high qualification and reasonable price are highly requested from the Seafood Expo Global. As we mentioned in the previous article, China supplier has been disrupted by Covid Zero Policy. The Dalian factories, Dandong factories had been closed for couple of months. Fortunately, these factories are resumed by batches, and they might remain a lower price at the beginning. Please stay close with Ocean Treasure in every social media below, the up-to-date purchase will release on time.

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3.Price is influenced by many factors

The price of different products is flatulated by many causes. Fish fillets are being lockdown situation which makes it difficult to receive on time. Early order is important. The farm fish season is begun, the purchase should be done within two or three weeks once the price starts to go down. The squid, it has became limited for certain species. So the early decision is strong advised as the raw material is growing. it’s also important to consider the situation on the shipping cost. Many ships blocked in Shanghai now and more ports will be involved. We need to follow carefully to make sure that price start to climb again.

To summarize, the global seafood market is booming again while China is under the Covid Zero Policy. Still, Ocean Treasure is a vital actor in this challengeable situation. We located in China with fresh news and serious follow-up to make sure that our client gets the best offers on time.

Again, we are happy to see all our partners in Europe and worldwide at Seafood Expo Global. Ocean Treasure will provide more professional values in this reborn year of seafood.

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