Ready-to-eat, a Promising Revolution in Post-pandemic

No more washing, cutting, seasoning, you could easily have chicken, duck, fish or crab in an instant, you don’t even have to enter your kitchen. Nowadays, under the catalysis of the epidemic and new consumption scenarios, ready-to-eat dishes that cater to fast-paced life have emerged, becoming a “new track” for both ends of the enterprise and individual consumer markets.

What are ready-to-eat dishes

“Ready-to-eat dishes,” is a very broad definition. Normally we mean food that is ready for consumption, having been prepared by someone else and sold to a consumer. It also named by pre-cook dish, ready-to-heat, ready-to-cook and ready-to-cook foods. Due to time-saving and freshness, it was quickly accepted by young consumer groups and conformed to the gradually changing consumption trends.

The milestones of ready-to-eat industry

Ready-to-eat dishes are not a new concept. During the 1960s, standardized catering enterprises in the US developed, providing unique conditions for the development of prepared dishes. At the end of the 1970s, ready-to-eat dishes gradually became popular in Japan, Canada and some European countries.

In recent years, with the hot development of “home economy” and “one-person meal”, ready-to-eat dishes have gradually entered the catering market. They have led a career crisis for chefs while the dishes were generally favored by the corporate market. Now they are making efforts at both ends of the enterprise and individual consumer markets, and the development momentum is strong. Aquatic products, meat products, frozen food and others are entering the ready-to-eat field gradually. And the construction of the industrial chain is also accelerating.

The ready-to-eat industry in China

With the increasing number of entrants in the China ready-to-eat industry, standardization is the only way for the development. Since April this year, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Shandong and other provinces have intensively introduced or prepared group standards to help boost the regional industry. Several food companies are actively expanding production. Anjing, Guolian Aquatic Products, Qianwei Central Kitchen, Sanquan and other upstream food enterprises have invested big in this new area.

Ocean Treasure with business acumen

Benefiting from China e-commerce and logistics, Ocean Treasure has been in the ready-to-eat game for several years. We own a complete supply chain and quality management for ready-to-eat products of high caliber, which we export all over the world.

Our Ocean Treasure vegetarian spring rolls, a traditional dim sum item, is a standard menu items in many Asian restaurant. Springs rolls are now popular in fusion cuisine all around the world. Other products like samosa, wakami salad, surimi, breaded fish and crab claw, these are ready-to-eat stars rich in nutrition. At present, Ocean Treasure can provide custom-made products for you. Our 15 years’ experience guarantees our clients a reliable product in Asia.

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