Ocean Treasure Returns to Seafood Expo in Barcelona

Seafood Expo Global the world’s largest and most diverse seafood expo, will return to Barcelona for its 29th edition on 25-27 April 2023. Organized by Diversified Communications, the event debuted in the Catalan capital last April with a successful outcome at Fira de Barcelona’s Gran Vía venue.

Building on the 2022 edition’s momentum, the event returns to the same venue in Barcelona, and for three days, will be the seafood sector’s largest commercial event, providing the industry with a valuable business platform at a global level, as well as a considerable economic impact for the city.

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“We expect long-term growth in Barcelona,” said Liz Plizga, Group Vice President at Diversified Communications. “Last year’s successful first edition in Barcelona validated the benefits of moving a global event the size of Seafood Expo Global to a modern and convenient location. The exhibit halls were buzzing during all three days, and you could feel the excitement of being back in person from both sides of the aisle.”

“In fact, this year’s event is tracking exceptionally well with more than 45,000m2 of exhibit space already sold showing unprecedented growth over the 2022 edition” added Plizga.

“The seafood industry is an industry based on human relationships, therefore it is extremely important for people to be able to meet face-to-face to discuss on a human level, solve their problems and look at the future together,” explained Finnian O’Luasa, Manager France, Belgium & Luxembourg, for Bord Bia, the institution for the dissemination of gastronomy in Ireland, during the celebration of the
last edition at the Fira de Barcelona venue.

2022 was a challenging year for the seafood industry in China. The domestic outbreak of Covid was a severe issue. Zero-Covid policy which was made to prevent the disease from spreading affected the economy in many ways. The time of delivery was extended, containers were placed in quarantines and often denied, lockdowns, difficult and expensive procedures to visit China, difficulties traveling between provinces… All of it made it hard to do business.

But every difficult time brings a lot of new opportunities. Ocean Treasure team worked hard on expanding our horizon and making the most out of this situation. As the result, we expanded our product line with the fruits and vegetables category and increased brand presence on the internet.
2023 is a Big year for Ocean Treasure. It is time to show what we’ve learned during these challenging times. This year we take part in Seafood Expo Global in Barcelona. We are excited to meet existing business partners as well as new people to share our goals and success with. 

We, as an ever-growing company with 16 years of experience, are striving for innovations, and new ways to reach various markets and bring more value to our clients. That’s why this year we are bringing a big surprise for every participant. Unfortunately, we will not spoil the surprise, but rest assured, this will be a big milestone not only for Ocean Treasure but for the whole industry. See us at Seafood Expo Global Barcelona at 2B203 stand. See our products, look at seafood, fruit, and vegetable products, and join hands with professionals on our way to success.

Stay tuned with Ocean Treasure for more products and news:

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