New trend of Chinese Export?

Dalian, known as the origin and primary region for seafood such as sea cucumber, abalone, sea urchins, oysters, seaweed, has become a significant player in China’s prefabricated dish industry. This industry has become an extension of the agricultural industrial chain, promoting the agro-processing value-added levels and offering new opportunities for farmers to get rich. But is it a new trend for whole Chinese export or a minor change in consumption habits?

Recently, Dalian customs made the successful inspection of a number of production sea urchin canned products, ready to be sold to the overseas market. Large kiln Bay customs played a crucial role in this success, establishing a perishable seafood prefabricated dish inspection green channel, implementing ‘that is the message that is the subject, the reservation identification,’ and optimizing drop box locations for Corporate Express Priority customs clearance, effectively reducing inspection time.

One of the big Dalian Suppliers mentioned that their seafood prefabricated dish products have been successfully sold in many countries and regions. The company’s success is a result of Dalian customs’ timely introduction of foreign policies and regulatory requirements and precise technical guidance for research and development of new varieties.

In conclusion, Dalian’s prefabricated dish industry, particularly seafood-based, has rapidly developed and is gaining popularity in the overseas market. Customs’ support and guidance have been crucial in promoting foreign trade and ensuring quality standards for the industry. Companies like Ocean Treasure, which provides high-quality prefabricated dishes are helping to promote Dalian as China’s fresh prefabricated dish capital. Ocean Treasure, a company that provides ready-to-eat and ready-to-sell food products, also strives to offer safe and healthy food options and competitive offers for our clients.

Contact Ocean Treasure to use this new trend opportunity with transparency and reliability experienced by more than 500 clients all over the world.

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