New Services from Ocean Treasure- Inspection and Loading Survey

Our Systematic, efficient, and swift Pre-shipment inspection (QC) service and Loading Survey now are available for any clients.

With over 12 years in the global seafood industry, Ocean Treasure has its own well trained and experienced team of inspectors in China, Vietnam, and India. Ocean treasure is the BRC, MSC, and ASC certified body as well as our inspectors.

For each order, Ocean treasure picks the samples randomly from the cold storage to avoid arranged samples. Our random sampling quantities are more than the average standard of the inspection industry thus to ensure the accuracy and reliability of our inspection service. A detailed report based on the genuine inspection and 100+ photos of the products and processes are provided in each service. Our professional report with all significant information will be delivered within 24 hours after inspection.

Ocean Treasure’s whole operation system and our inspectors are trained and certified under BRC, MSC, and ASC standards, maintaining the highest A Grade. We are an important QA role in the global seafood value chain.

Our Systematic, efficient, and swift Pre-shipment inspection (QC) service and Loading Survey (for packed food only) now are available for any clients who require the pre-shipment inspection for the finished products and loading (for packed food only). Our aim is to be your eyes in distant countries, presenting all the facts of your ordered products and therefore securing your seafood business. Ocean Treasure will serve you with great confidence.

Our Services

Pre-shipment Inspection (QC) service

1. Sampling Details (40FCL)
  • IQF in Bulk: 20Kg random samples
  • IQF in Retail pack: 20 individual packs from 20 separated cartons.
  • Interleaved or block frozen: 6-8 blocks (whole blocks)

*For 20’fcl, sampling quantities are half as the 40’fcl.

2. Inspection details:
  • Appearance (packed, unpacked, frosted Frozen, and defrosted defrozen)
  • Temperature
  • Gross weight, net weight, glazing check, etc.
  • Specifications: Size, Counting, dimension and uniformity check, etc.
  • Sensory evaluation: odor, texture, color (before & after defrosting), general freshness
  • Foreign matters
  • Cooking test

Loading Survey:

  • Check the hygiene of the empty container before loading
  • Ensure the container to be cooled down before loading and record the temperature when loading starts
  • Randomly pick up samples to check the product (only for frozen status)
  • Record the specifications and quantity of each row during loading.
  • A full record of the loading process
  • Record the container number and seal number on the container lock
  • Issue the loading supervision report to the customer within 24hrs (1 working day)

Why choosing Ocean Treasure?

  • Expertise in the seafood industry
  • Much more random samples than others.
  • Much more professional report over 10 pages and more than 100 photos provided
  • Reports available in multiple languages: English- Spanish- Russian- French- Chinese
  • Swift response and 7×24 available at your service.
  • A multi-national team of inspectors
  • Fair price and cost-effective
  • High efficiency: within 24 hours- 1 working day to submit the report
  • High transparency as a fair and objective 3rd party.

Pricing details:

Regions1 FCL InspectionLOADING1 FLC Inspection  & Loading Combo2 FCL Inspections Combo
Zhanjiang, Yantai, Qingdao, Weihai, Dalian, Zhangzhou, Zhoushan, Haikou
400 USD350 USD650 USD700 USD
Dong Thap, Can Tho
400 USD350 USD650 USD700 USD
Kolkata, Orissa
450 USD400 USD750 USD780 USD
  • The above prices are only available for the cities listed above. If the inspection location is not on our list, please contact our sales team to get a precise quotation.
  • The report will be completed and delivered within one working day (24 hours) after inspection.
  • If you have any special requirements or any further questions, please contact our sales team.
  • Please contact us for the sample report.

Contact us:

Phone: +86 18551498861

Fax: 86 51366690588

Ocean Treasure World Foods Limited

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