New future for Chinese Seafood Industry

In the past few years, the Chinese seafood wholesale industry in China had a few restrictions it never dealt with before. Almost every container of frozen products was obligated to be tested for COVID-19 to prevent the disease from the spread of cold chain. 

The Chinese seafood industry was not an exception. This drastically increased costs and ETA of imported raw materials that, of course, caused prices to rise up accordingly. According to data, containers were in customs for at least 3 months. 

But now everything changed. According to the official General Administration of Customs announcement “Starting from 8th of January 2023, all measures such as nucleic acid monitoring and testing for the new coronavirus at the port of imported cold chain food and non-cold chain items will be canceled”

Chinese announcement on lifting covid-testing in ports

This has a major influence on the seafood industry. It will decrease the customs clearance time from 3 – 4 months to less than 1 month, which will improve the Chinese seafood industry market’s responsiveness to global trends Furthermore, fast clearance will lead to more raw materials being available. Especially APO, Cod, Hake…. These kinds of demanded products need Chinese processing capabilities.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations China produces over 35% of global seafood products. Export increased by approximately 9% in 2022. But if we watch at the graph below, we will clearly see that in 2019 and 2021 export dropped due to Covid. Removing restrictions will help the Chinese economy to have opportunities close to pre-Covid times.

seafood products export statistics 2011-2021

Experts from the Chinese seafood ndustry is optimistic about the next 3 years. Thanks to lifted restrictions on customs clearance and cross-province transportation, the Chinese economy is waking up. In fact, domestic demand for some products is already so strong, it dictates prices to the whole world.

Ocean Treasure has already experienced an increased amount of activity. We have over 20% more requests from the EU, South America, and Asia compared to the same period last year. Product preferences have also shifted to Tilapia, APO, and Hake Fillets. If you are interested in finding the best quality product for a competitive price, contact Ocean Treasure to get a quotation. Don’t waste this opportunity!

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