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What is the difference between domestic apples and imported apples? Ocean Treasure briefly listed a few points

First. There is a single variety and lack of planning.

The apple variety is single, and the Fuji proportion is high. The excessive proportion of Red Fuji apples not only affects the development of mid- and late-ripening varieties but also affects the benefits and sales of Red Fuji apples. The lack of regional planning for apple varieties makes it hard to know-how with the blindness to choose.

Second. Low quality and insufficient management.

Why is there more and more news about unsalable fruits? The fundamental reason is that quality cannot improve. Really high-quality fruits can sell without worry. If management is not well during the planting process, how can the fruit product be of high quality?

Many domestic harvests do not have strict and standardized maturity standards. And the problem of early harvesting is more common, resulting in a decline in fruit quality.

The fruits cannot be pre-cooled in time for storage after harvest, and some are not even pre-cooled.

Third, the supporting facilities need to improve.

It takes a long time for import apples from abroad to be picked, sorted and inspected to enter our supermarkets. However, the apples we see are still very commercial, with good taste and good appearance. This is inseparable from its perfect packaging and cold chain facilities. Large-scale fruit growers abroad generally have packaging plants to standardize processes and operate uniformly.

Canada was the first to build a complex and efficient integrated cold chain logistics system that is organically combined with aircraft, Highway, Railway, and Waterway transportation. The ingenious overall planning and organization and coordination of various carrier resources have formed a highly developed Cold chain logistics network of agricultural products;

The selection, grading, washing, pre-processing, packaging, pre-cooling, refrigeration, transportation, and sales of Japanese vegetables and fruits have been running nicely through the cold chain preservation;

The United States has established a vegetable cold chain circulation system. Based on a relatively complete national vegetable production division system, it has established a traceability system and full cold chain distribution. Field post-harvest pre-cooling-cold storage-refrigerated truck transportation-wholesale station cold storage ——Supermarket refrigerator——Consumer refrigerator;

98% of the fresh agricultural products in Germany are in the required temperature environment from the place of origin to the processing plants to the sales outlets. The main refrigeration equipment in the cold storage is completely automatic by the computer.

As the import market continues to heat up, the price of imported apples is getting lower and lower, and more and more imported apples have entered the homes of Chinese consumers. Ocean Treasure has brought the business of importing Apples to all our customers. If you have interests in importing apples, please contact our sales.

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