How we can achieve a good fishery environment

Good Fishery Environment is a situation that Ocean Treasure and all other seafood companies want to pursue. As far as we can see, climate change leads to insecurity and conflicts worldwide.

The environment of the sea has already transformed into sea warming and become more acidic. The growth of the fish has been impacted by overfishing and the habitats have been damaged and even destroyed. Illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing emerges is one of the main threats to the sustainability and exploitation of fish population.

The fight against Illegal, unreported, and unregulated fish activities, helps the people who relied on fisheries. Some of them have to seek other jobs because of the limited and fluctuating seafood resource. The control under the unsustainable fisheries has been legislated but it makes few senses, with weak sanctions in the place for vessels and nations who break the rules. 

Implementation of effective politics to protect our ocean. We need to take actions to secure a sustainable and transparent seafood supply chain.

Section 1: Policy

1.Amend the control regulation to ensure compliance with the common fishery policy and improve the traceability in the fish products

2.Reinforce action on the ground at national level by creating specialized task forces and increasing inter-agency cooperation.

3.Increase transparency about who is accessing fisheries.

4. Increase the information provided to consumers when they buy fishery and aquaculture food products. So that the consumers are clear about what they buy.

5.Push for international regulation that limit flags of convenience and close illegal, unreported and unregulated loophole.

6.Ensure that seafood products are both fair and equitable.

Section 2: Industry

1.Make sure our supply chain is 100% traceable and free from illegal fishing products

2.Turn human right policies into human rights practices to tackle human trafficking and slavery.

3.Stop selling endangered species.

4.An eco-label is not a universal remedy

In all, let’s work together to have a better fishery environment. 

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