Fishery is Suffering from the Extreme Climate

The climate change is no longer a theory in 2022. During the latest moths, some of us experienced the record-hot summer. Rivers shrank and crops shriveled, Electricity crisis is everywhere. There is no doubt that climate change is having a profound impact on our oceans and marine life. Its effects are changing the distribution of fish stocks and their food. We can only do is by fishing sustainably.   

How does climate change affect oceans and fishery?

Oceans play a major role in climate dynamics: 83% of the global carbon cycle is circulated through the oceans. They have absorbed 93% of the excess heat from greenhouse gas emissions since the 1970s. 

Areas in the Tropics are predicted to see declines of up to 40% in potential seafood catch by 2050. In contrast, areas in higher latitudes, such as the North Atlantic and North Pacific, are seeing increases in the range of some fish species.

How can we still eat fish from Ocean?

A study of greenhouse gas emissions of wild fisheries found that each kg of fish caught produces between 1 to 5 kg of carbon. By comparison, red meat production is estimated to range from 50 to 750 kg of carbon per kg of meat. There is also evidence that sustainable fishing helps to reduce carbon emissions by increasing efficiency.

Try to choose MSC labelled fish and seafood. MSC certified fisheries are well managed and more prepared for environmental changes. These fisheries follow current scientific advice to ensure they catch fish sustainably.

How fish stocks affected by climate change?

Changes to the ocean mean changes to fish stocks. In the past 30 years, marine heatwaves are estimated to have increased by more than 50%. Here we have two examples, which are the most consumed sea fish in the world.

Atlantic mackerel

Mackerel is an abundant fish mainly in the Atlantic Ocean. It is a sea-catching product that includes sea-frozen ocean catching and land frozen from trawling vessels. And it is delicately texture and similar to tuna steak in flavor. This fish is mainly processing and use in the canning industry. Mackerel flaps in Poland and HGT (Headed, Gutted, Tail-off) is popular in Bulgaria and Russian Markets. Normally the whole Mackerel export to Africa, Russia, and Southeast Asia.

There has been a rapid change in Atlantic mackerel distribution since 2007. Stocks have moved northward as sea temperatures rise. With fish moving across geo-political boundaries there is a lack of agreement on how to manage the stock in the best. 

North Sea Cod

COD is one of the largest annual catches of fish in the world. COD are heavy bodied with a large head, blunt snout, and a distinct barbell under the lower jaw. The main markets for COD are Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, and France.

Recent declines in North Sea cod populations have been attributed in part to changing climate. This change has resulted in fewer juvenile cod surviving to adulthood. Having fewer adult fish has made sustainable fishing of the cod stock more difficult.

About Ocean Treasure

Ocean Treasure Foods Limited is a frozen food exporter and a full-service provider with customers throughout Europe, North Africa, Latin America and USA.

Under the challenge of climate changes, Ocean Treasure is committed to contributing to fishing sustainably. As the leading role in global fishery, we put efforts to build an environment-friendly supply chain by all business partners. Based on quality-oriented reputation, Ocean Treasure is the only one who held the three global certificates ­— BRC, ASC, MSC, which also a cherish recognition of our 15-years environmental contribution in a wide range of seafood, fruit and vegetable globally.

At present, Ocean Treasure collects good quality of Mackerel Flap in a competitive price. We have a professional inspect team check your container in strict European standard from the beginning to the end.

IQF, SKIN ON, PBI, 100% NW, bulk, 10 kg carton
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