Ever Given made the world logistics a mass!

The Ever Given ship is refloated in Suez Canal, and it seems the crowd is finally releasing. But the issues are coming, and the freight industry is terribly impacted. The chain reaction after the blockade of the Suez Canal concentrates in April. Cargo backlog, port congestion, equipment imbalance and shortage, ship sailing time adjustment, price increase, suspension of booking. Ocean Treasure collects the info from the leading logistic companies.


Three boats hurried around the Cape of Good Hope, and 13 ships waited in line. There is information that COSCO’s related routes in the Red Sea will be suspended.

COSCO notified as follows:

Affected by the Suez Canal’s blocking, the Red Sea had an unprecedented flight on the 4th. According to the latest plan, the Red Sea RES1 line will all suspended on April 5, April 12, and April 19. Besides, we need to clean up the transshipment cargo that we have backed at the end of March. We cannot accept Red Sea’s new bookings in April.

Due to the massive number of suspensions, cargos delayed during the Ever Given case expected to hold in the port for 2-5 weeks. Please be sure to notify the customer. Considering the service’s suspension, customers who have booked but did not carry the container during the period of 4.1-415 will stop accepting the container. Please persuade them to return.


Industry insiders also predict that CMA Red Sea Aden and Jeddah will all stop receiving goods.

Mainly because of the Suez Canal, the mother ship has stopped for five consecutive shifts, the space is abnormally tight, and the freight rate will also skyrocket. Please reconfirm the freight rate with the shipping company for points that can be picked up, such as AQABA/DJIBOUTI, etc.


Maersk: 9 ships are waiting in line, 15 ships bypass the Cape of Good Hope, and the capacity of related routes is reduced by 30%, resulting in a large number of space and empty container vacancies.

Here is the notice from MAERSK LINE

March 31, 2021

We are very sorry to inform you that the Suez Canal blockade has a severe impact on the Maersk fleet. At present, 9 Maersk ships are waiting to pass through the Suez Canal. Besides, 15 ships are scheduled to detour through the Cape of Good Hope. It is estimated that the arrival at the port will be delayed by 20 days!

The blockage will reduce Maersk Far East’s capacity by 30%, resulting in a large number of missing positions and empty containers. Currently, online SPOT bookings will suspend, and e-commerce positions that have already released will be canceled for you free of charge. After pending further calculation of freight charges, The line will reopen on the booking system!

The situation of MAERSK LINE

Suspend the short-term bookings

Exports out of Asia: To all markets, due to expected equipment shortage

Exports out of West Central Asia: To Europe and North Africa, To North America East Coast, To West Africa via the Mediterranean, To Latin America via the Mediterranean


Six ships detoured the Cape of Good Hope, and many ships affected!


It is reported that the EMC Red Sea route may also have empty flights.

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