CIEF is Blazing with A Strong Bounce Back

The 10th China Ingredient E-commerce Festival (CIEF), also the 5th China-Vietnam Panga Industry Summit, Chinese Gastronomy Forum, 2022 New Plates Tasting and Exchange Conference are held in Wuhan, China from 6th July to 8th July.

Although the epidemic policy still strict in China, people sill crossed provinces even other countries gathered in Wuhan. The exhibition area of 160,000 square meters, filled with more than 4,000 domestic exhibitors, over 50,000 types of products will be showed from seafood, ingredient, ready-to-eat etc. 60+ forums and activities will be lunched during these 3 days. After long term lock-down and fluctuation in industry, there are tons of highlights during this event.

2 Days Online Show

In order to strengthen the concept of online exhibition, CIEF launched an online selection conference (6th July to 7th July) to deal the challenge of selection barrier as such situation. Live streaming also set up to release new products and brands. For the visitor who could not attend will be personally on this thumping event via internet.


3 Days Cooking Competition
Various exciting competitions will also be held. “The First Hainan Seabream Popular Cuisine Cooking Competition” , “China Vegan Cuisine Cooking Competition “, “The 4th Crawfish Culinary Competition ”. This is a great stage to experience the order of the day in post-epidemic Chinese Gastronomy.

4 Industry Forums

During exhibition, a series of forums has taken serious in relative industry. “The 5th China-Vietnam Panga Industry Summit & the 2nd Blackfish Supply Chain Summit”, “The 1st Catfish Market Summit”, “The 2022 Ready-to-eat Cuisine E-commerce Summit Forum”, “China Gourmet Master’s Gate Forum” and “2022 New Dishes Tasting and Exchange Conference”. Those events show the ambition of industry professionals, also the potential of Chinese market.

Ocean Treasure, as an expert in Asia for 15 years, attended this event with pleasure. Alex ZHANG, The executive director & founder of Ocean Treasure said:“There are so many people came to Wuhan, the scene is as burning as the sun. Visitors are under boiling hot so does the market. This is a bounce back in domestic market for sure.” Mentioned about the new trends in market, he added insightful: “Traditional seafood industry is warm back gradually, we still face the many challenges, but market needs are as strong as iron. Moreover, quarantine really changed diet style to ready-to-eat, especially major cities. E-commerce has stimulated to more mature stage, so that overseas products benefited more with its uniqueness. People are keen to explore more possibility after lock-down’s depression.”

During the CIEF, Ocean Treasure meets our partners after a while. It is always a golden chance to exchange perspectives from trust-worthy friends in industry. We all believe that 2022 is a booming year of China market. A tremendous incentive will bring a promising market.

Very few overseas media could witness this huge pageant due to lock-down and airline issue. Ocean Treasure always your reliable eyes in Asia. Stay tuned with us, we will bring more first-hand information to you.

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