A letter from Ocean Treasure CEO: Olivier Nikolovski

Recently the freight situation is quite unstable, and our French CEO wants to share the following message to you


I personally wanted to share with you the current situation we are experiencing in Asia. Following the covid and the Suez Canal situation, shipping prices keep increasing every week.

It is important to let you know because every day or week you wait will only increase the costs. We have consulted more than 10 shipping agencies locally, and all are unanimous in telling us (today) that delivery prices will not stabilize until September. And despite the increase in prices, we are also struggling to find enough containers to export the goods on time. To tell you the truth, we spend more time tracking and shipping each order without changing contracts rather than making more new contracts.

Also, this shortens the time validity for price offers; prices are only valid 3 to 4 days before an increase. This means that it is better to request only if there is a real willingness to buy.

Let’s be clear our goal is not to influence you to order quickly or with us, but mostly to show you a situation, and I think you expect that kind of information from us. We, therefore, advise you to plan your purchases well with this shared information. The majority of customers who placed orders on time no longer face this problem.

Wishing you a good weekend.

Olivier Nikolovski, CEO ocean treasure world foods.”

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