Good News: The new catching season starts in China

In 2021, we had the longest fish ban in China which made the raw material of some white fish and cephalopods in a big shortage. Golden pomfret, mackerel, swimming crab, todarodes, illex, and giant squid.

Products catching stiuation

For golden pomfret, the marketing demand is very high from the EU market. Due to the lack of raw material, the price is at a high level. In the new catching season, the golden pomfret is very sufficient and the raw material price may have a bit decrease.

For the mackerel, the catching is not bad and the sizes are all available. The mackerel lacks raw material for almost three months for the HGT presentation and flaps presentation. So, the demand has been waiting for that long for the new raw material. The price recently will definitely increase for a while.

For the swimming crab, the catching starts early this month. The main size is the small size. The whole season of swimming crab is from August to October. Because of the high demand in the domestic market, usually, the volume of exports is only available in August.

For todarodes, the new raw material land frozen is available now. for the new price, the raw material is 600$/ton higher than before. And the U10 price is very high. The new price is still higher than Illex.

For illex, U5, U7, and U10 are all available. But the price still increases and everybody is waiting for the price decrease after the raw material is sufficient for the catching.

For giant squid, the price increase and but new raw material is only 110$ higher. Now we still have the stock available, and we will get the new raw material in November.

Freight cost keeps increasing for all the market

In August, the freight cost will have another 2000$ increase for most of the shipping line. Hot shipping lines need to book the container one month in advance. But still, we even need to bid for the container, and the price is super high.

August prices predict level:

To the USA now is averagely 15000$-21000$ for the west, 18000$-23000$ for the east. Hot ports like LA and Miami, even over incredibly 30000$

To EMP now is an average of 17000$-22000$

To Africa now is an average of 14000$

After this fish ban, most of the fish are sufficient. Ocean Treasure, as your reliable seafood supplier, is ready at your service.

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