Good Signal! The price of tuna shows a significant increase for the whole year

In the year 2020, due to the pandemic situation, the canned factories boomed up, and the demand for tuna fish has been increasing for the whole year, but the raw material is in shortage because of the low catch. Check the brief introduction of the tuna fish and check the price trend of tuna for 2020.

Tuna tends to cover a whole family of species, from the relatively small and widespread skipjack, right up to the majestic and beleaguered bluefin. Ocean treasure has many products for tuna fish. In this article, Ocean treasure will pull together a short guide with the price trend of 2020 to the tuna species we can offer to raise tuna fish awareness.


Bonito is a relative of the tuna that only grow up to 11 or 13 lbs. There are several species of Bonito that you can catch: Atlantic bonito, striped Bonito, and Pacific bonito. All bonitoes have a similar body shape to tuna but have several dark stripes down their sides and tiny scales. Sometimes they are mistaken for mackerel, but an easy way to tell is to look at their mouths. Mackerel usually have lots of sharp teeth.

In ocean treasure, We usually offer Bonito HGT and Bonito whole-round. The price of Bonito at the beginning of 2020 was 0.84 dollars, but now it’s 1.04 dollars per kg, increased by almost 25%.


Skipjack is the smallest and most abundant of the major commercial tuna species. They have a streamlined body that is mostly without scales. Their backs are dark purple-blue, and their lower sides and bellies are silver with four to six dark bands. Skipjack can live as long as eight to 10 years. They are found mainly in the Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific Oceans’ tropical areas.

Skipjack tuna has its stripes on the belly, while Bonito has them on the back. That’s the most significant difference between Skipjack and Bonito. Skipjack is a tuna, and Bonito is like a toothed mackerel.

In ocean treasure, We usually offer Skipjack whole-round. The skipjack price was 1.25 dollars per kg in December 2019, and now 1.55 dollars per kg increased by 24%.

Yellowfin Tuna 

Yellowfin are widespread and magnificently-streamlined fish. And, yes, they have yellowfins, including characteristically sickle-shaped elongated go faster ones. They are found around the world but mostly confined to tropical waters. They can grow to over 2 meters in length.

Yellowfin tuna can be found either in cans or sold fresh and frozen as tuna steaks. You may also find it in sushi. Fresh yellowfin tuna as sushi is the most popular in seafood restaurants, and the price is very high.

In ocean treasure, we usually offer Yellowfin tuna loin, yellowfin tuna portion, and yellowfin cube. Due to social distance restriction, the yellowfin tuna market has been affected in the year 2020. The price has dropped by 9.3% but is stable after February, and in November tends to recover a bit. (mostly because of the freight increase)

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