South of China is facing big issues for tilapia farming.

For tilapia, the 2020 market is very hot, and the price has been rising with a leapfrog increase of 24.57%. Tilapia is becoming a hot spot in the aquatic product market in 2020. Today, Ocean Treasure brings you a review of the tilapia market in 2020 and an outlook for the tilapia market in 2021.

tilapia market trend
tilapia market trend

The performance of tilapia in the whole year of last year can be outstanding. The price of tilapia in 2020 will increase by 24.57%. Especially after July, the price of tilapia has multiplied. The market has reached a point where tilapia is hard to find, and the factory no longer accepts new orders. It is this trend that has caused the price of tilapia to rise.

With the end of Christmas purchases, the demand for tilapia has gradually returned to normal. Recently, the delivery time of tilapia has also begun to be empty. Many factories have also started to arrange orders for March and gradually open to accept orders.

In 2021, a cold wave suddenly struck, and the whole southern part of China suffered from the freezing weather. A large number of fish were dead because of the cold. Some factories recently received nearly 80% of the raw materials that are dead due to the cold. As the freezing weather may continue, many farmers may reduce tilapia farming, directly affecting tilapia production in the next harvest season. Ocean Treasure can see that tilapia’s price in the later period will increase sharply due to the shortage of raw materials.

Market Price Trend from 2019.12-2020.12

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