The Dalian seafood industry might open soon! Good news!

Dear Readers, as we all know, the situation for Dalian seafood industry affected a lot the business for the fish fillet. With many ongoing orders are now stocked in Dalian to be finished and others did not yet start to be produced. The order mostly relates to APO, Salmon, ACOD… The situation of covid, which stopped the whole Dalian activity, lasted already more than one month. Ocean Treasure has been following up closely on the situation to make sure that we can be one of the first to deliver the right information about the situation.

Positive sign of a better situation for Dalian seafood industry!

Recently, the situation in Dalian area has become better than before! Many can think that the covid zero policy is strict, but in the end, it works fast. All the cases have been detected and separated, from the rest of the population. We start to have brighter days.

On Monday, December 6, just today, the whole city of Dalian has resumed school!

This week, Dalian was adjusted to be a low-risk area at midnight on December 4th. The highway has been open again and resumed operations. Moreover, ordinary public transportation, in the Zhuanghe area, which was affected by the epidemic also resumed operations.

Dalian City has no new cases in the city for 16 consecutive days!

Regarding the cold chain-related enterprises, the factories are actively corresponding to the government’s self-examination and rectification status. They prepare to resume the production, but we still need to wait for further information from the government when the cold chains related enterprises can resume work.

According to our prediction within this Friday, we will have a positive notice that the seafood business might resume very soon. Ocean Treasure is glad to share this important news which can help you plan better your purchase and stock. It is essential for us to be the most transparent and efficient in sharing the right information on time! If you need more information about a specific product, please contact us.

Dalian seafood industry

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