Saury, an unpredictable price increase!

Saury or Sorry, The price of saury is mad now. The price of saury is up to the top according to the poor harvest at the end of August.

The Pacific Saury fish has great economic importance where it is found. It is one of the most prominent seasonal foods representing autumn in Japanese cuisine. Most commonly the fish is served salted and broiled whole, garnished with grated daikon, and served alongside a bowl of rice and a bowl of miso soup. But in some western countries, the Pacific Saury fish is used for fish meal and pet food.

Market review

Large-scale fishing vessels are the main force in the annual saury fishing season. For the japan’s pacific saury catch, these vessels officially started fishing on August 20 and have returned to Hong Kong in recent days. However, the first catch was only about 1% of last year, and the total weight was less than 6 tons, and most of them were thin and small.

Market now

For the saury market right now, we cannot provide an offer now since the harvest volume is so low and the price is way much high. Saury has reached a low harvest for two years, and this year, poor catch again. The statement, given by the Fisheries Agency of Japan, even forecasts that the number of saury migrations this year will hit a record low, and from the perspective of growth, the saury may be thinner than last year, with an average weight of only about 100 grams.

Market in the future

Due to the warming of the sea and the changes in the marine environment, the number of saury migrations is small. We forecast that the catch of saury this year is likely to hit a new low. Changes in the marine environment are believed to be the main cause of the saury shortage. Pacific saury prefers colder water. It may not be until the end of October this year that the seawater temperature drops further and the saury will approach the coast of Japan. The price of the saury will still get higher. It may hit two times than the price in early January this year.

Price saury
Price Trend from December 2019-August 2020

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