Import Price Increased 0.7 RMB Per/kg in a day!

The prices of Vietnamese panga and Indian HLSO Vannamei have generally increased because the Christmas purchasing season impacts China’s domestic import prices.

With Christmas approaching, many foreign countries have begun their Christmas purchasing, and the import prices of Vietnamese panga and Indian Vannamei have risen accordingly.

1. Panga exports to the United States surge, orders are basically full, and domestic prices increase

The recent surge in orders for panga in the US market led to a substantial price increase last week. On September 23, panga saw a price increase of 0.7 RMB per kg.

2. India imports HLSO vannamei: raw materials are reduced, prices rise
  • Raw material reducing

India has been affected by COVID-19, and the production of vannamei has also been greatly reduced recently. At present, the raw material of the second season of Indian vannamei has been reduced by half, mainly due to the shrimp farmers’ serious loss of money in the first season in addition to the number of seedlings. Some factories even dumped vannamei into the sea in the first season, which directly caused the enthusiasm of shrimp farmers to decline.

  • Increased market demand

Since August, with the approach of Christmas, the demand for vannamei has been rising. Christmas is a major holiday in the United States (the United States occupies 70% of the export share of Indian vannamei). So naturally, the demand increased. This also allowed the price of Indian vannamei to increase by 0.6-0.7 RMB in the last three weeks. The current domestic demand mainly concentrates on the specifications of 31-40 and 41-50.

  • Nucleic acid testing increases the difficulty of importing Vannamei

Due to the current situation of the epidemic situation in India, the nucleic acid testing ratio of imported vannamei from India is still very high. This has caused many Indian processing plants to be unwilling to take risks to export their products to countries with strict nucleic acid testing such as China. These indirectly led to an increase in the import price of vannamei. Due to the limited suppliers in India, the price is relatively firm.

If you have a demand for imported panga and Indian vannamei for the Chinese domestic market, or if you need anthing to consult, feel free to contact our domestic sales representatives.

Sunny Xu 徐经理(中国北方/广东湛江)

+86 186 0613 1389

Chris Liu 刘经理 (中国南方)

+86 186 6291 5918

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