HOSO Indian vannamei May Perfectly Match Chinese New Year Import Demand

HOSO Indian vannamei may perfectly match the Chinese New Year Demand for its short-distance shipment.

Due to the recent epidemic, the current Indian Vannamei market in India has been dramatically affected.

In the second half of the year, India’s raw materials were 1/3 of those in the first half of the year, and the annual output was reduced by 1/3 compared to last year. Raw materials are in short supply. Prices have remained high after October 1 in the Chinese import market. Especially for PUD, PUD is an intensive industry and requires much labor to support it. However, PUD’s main production area is Cochin, which is also the most severely pandemic affected area in India. Many factory workers couldn’t work, and many companies didn’t process PUD. We can see that the market for PUD shrimp will be sluggish.

Under such circumstances, the market outlook for Indian Vannamei is not very optimistic. However, several recent news has given Indian Vannamei another sign of market advantage in the Chinese import market, especially for HOSO.

Mexico Vannamei

1. Mexico’s vannamei has begun to adjust to the Chinese import market. The Mexican vannamei has already started to show signs of price increases due to increased demand in Europe. At the same time, Mexico has also begun to increase its domestic sales. In this way, the export of Mexican vannamei shrimp will decrease.

Peru Vannamei

2. The offer of Peruvian vannamei shrimp will start in mid-November. With the arrival of the Chinese New Year, Peruvian vannamei shrimp’s transportation time has become an issue. Chinese New Year is the beginning of February. According to the current time node, Peruvian Vannamei can arrive at the port earliest, a few weeks before the Spring Festival. Coupled with the timeliness of customs clearance in the Chinese New Year, Indian white shrimp’s advantages are undeniable under this situation. Because India is so close to China, and the shipping schedule is short.

Ecudor Vannamei

3. The price of Ecuadorian vannamei is continuously rising. Although the quality of Ecuadorian vannamei is better than that of Indian vannamei, under such a price gap and the premise of ascending Ecuador price, Indian vannamei is economically advantaged. For Chinese customers, it will be more suitable.

Vietnam Vannamei

4. Chinese Customer suspended  11 aquatic products companies in Vietnam from import qualifications due to additive issues (phosphates) on September 30, 2020. In the list of these 11 companies, there are frozen pangasius, frozen Vannamei, and other parts of Vietnam shrimp manufacturer. We can predict from such information that in the future, China Customs will increase the inspection of Vietnamese aquatic products. That means it will increase the time for Vietnamese marine products to clearance. As the Chinese New Year approaches, racing against time has become a significant concern for domestic importers.

This news has undoubtedly made Indian vannamei a popular choice for domestic imported frozen shrimp. Because of the current price increase in various countries, India’s advantage is that the shipping distance is shorter than the others, and there is no concern about the arrival of the goods before the Chinese New Year.

Soon, the price of vannamei in India will undoubtedly also rise. For domestic importers, what we must consider now is to catch up with the consumption boom before the Chinese New Year. Timing should be in the first consideration. So will Indian Vannamei perfectly match the Chinese New Year domestic import market at this moment?

If you have a demand for Indian vannamei for the Chinese domestic market, or if you need anything to consult, feel free to contact our domestic sales representatives.

Sunny Xu 徐经理(中国北方/广东湛江)

+86 186 0613 1389



Chris Liu 刘经理 (中国南方)

+86 186 6291 5918



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