India vannamei price is almost impossible to have a big decrease

As we all know, India is one of the biggest export of vannamei. The price of Indian vannamei is at a stable level. The shortage of the vannamei raw material made Indian vannamei at a high level in 2020 and early 2021. In addition to the USA’s high demand for Indian vannamei, the Chinese buyers are all waiting for the new season. Since the season begins in Andhra Pradesh in March, how was the harvest?

The harvest situation in India from this new season is a regular-season in Andhra Pradesh. Since we all know that this season’s seeding is 30%-40% of the whole year seeding, the harvest will not be a vast number increase. The harvest number is stable till now and will not be a big change until April. Besides, the volume is okay.  Many importers from China predict that the price will decrease after the new season by 0.2 dollars or even more decent. As we see the actual harvest number and the situation at this term, it is rarely possible for this range of decrease. Ocean Treasure will list 3 points for the condition of Indian Vannamei.

The raw material situation in India is still not good

India’s raw material situation is very hard, and recently the factory can only get few raw materials for processing. With the new season begins, the situation will be better. But the factory has many offers in line and wait to process. So they will focus on the orders they had before. The price offer now is stable, and especially for small sizes, the price is firm. The new season for Andhra Pradesh starts in March, the new season for Calcutta begins in the middle of May, and the new season for Gujarat is from July. The peak season will come around May and June. At that time, vannamei will be at a high production level. The price we predict will be a slight decrease from 5 cents to 10 cents per kilo.

The leading import country of India vannamei is the USA, and the USA demand is always active.

The USA imported a massive amount of Indian vannamei, and factories can see who’s the priority. The USA retail and supermarket is firm with the new national financial support for USA citizens with a 1400 $ allowance per person. The purchase wave from the USA is getting bigger and much more firm now. Most of the vannamei will be involved in the supermarket supply chain. In this situation, the price to the Chinese market will not have a big descent.

The acid test request

With the acid test requirement from the importers in China, the price is hard to decrease. Most of the payment will finish after the acid test. The exporters of Indian vannamei mainly want to complete the payment once the container arrives. So at the price level, even the harvest of vannamei provides more raw material, the price will not change a lot.

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