Imported China Vannamei Market, why the price suddenly plunged

Recently, Ocean  Treasure updated the import price of Vannamei. The prices of Vannamei in Mexico, Venezuela, and Ecuador have all seen substantial price cuts, and the prices are falling every day.  The shipment schedule timeliness of these countries has also become one of the main considerations for domestic Chinese importers. Many importers have insufficient confidence in placing orders, which has led to a high inventory in Ecuador, and the price has dropped repeatedly. The continuous decline in prices has increased the concerns of importers.

Indian vannamei price is still firm

The recent price of Indian vannamei has not seen a drop, and the price has been relatively stable in the past ten days. First,  Indian vannamei is still the first choice for importers aiming in the Chinese New Year market. Second,  India itself is very short of raw materials, there is no high inventory, and all prices are relatively firm. India has 20 days to end the harvest season of vannamei shrimp, and the arrival of raw materials is also very slow.

India currently has three specifications of 26/30, 31/35, 31/40 for exporting raw materials to China, and it is unlikely to wait for these large specifications this year. The most massive specification is now 41/50 and below. India is now giving priority to the supply of PD, PDTO orders confirmed before from Europe and the United States on a large-scale, and then the rest will be considered for sending to China if any further vannamei orders. At present, Indian vannamei shrimp are mainly in small sizes such as 91/110 and 110/130.

For Chinese domestic importers, better to order now if you still want to catch up with the Chinese New Year Schedule

Chinese domestic importers! To be prepared to catch up with the New Year’s schedule, this week will be the last week for you to put orders for the vannamei from Venezuela and Ecuador.  Next week, it is hard to guarantee that the shipping schedule is before the Chinese New Year. Peruvian vannamei will be available only in December, and the shipping schedule cannot keep up with the Chinese New Year.

Ocean Treasure advises importers of vannamei that if we want to catch up with the Chinese New Year’s schedule, November 15th is the last order day. Due to the recent epidemic control in Tianjin and Qingdao, customs clearance time has been repeatedly extended. We must hurry. If you have any inquiries, please contact our sales manager.

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