How do we accomplish one of our client’s order

Ocean Treasure, your reliable seafood partner. In today’s article, we will briefly present the whole process after we received an order.

1. Contract: We make a sale contract according to the requirements of the customer. The content of the contract includes the contact information, product name, specifications, quantity, packaging, price, port of shipment, the port of destination, date of shipment, payment method of both the import, and export parties. Some processing requirements of the product, etc. After both parties signed back, we established a new order.

2. Producing: After the confirmation of the contract, we send plans to the factory for production in time. For each product, the customer has corresponding processing requirements. The factory should produce according to the customer’s requirements. Some details should be treated carefully to avoid errors and unnecessary trouble. At the same time, it is necessary to track the production progress of the goods in a timely manner and feedback to determine the completion date and specific shipment date of the goods.

3. Customized packaging: Packaging is a cumbersome task. Each customer has a different brand, and different brands have different products. The product has different packaging for specifications. This is mainly in the pattern, characters, specifications, materials, size, thickness, etc. of the outer box and inner bag. When placing an order, we must pay attention to four aspects, such as Quantity, Specification, Pattern, and Size. Then firstly, we check the situation; secondly, we deliver the package to the factory on time. So the factory can produce it in order.

4. Booking: After the confirmation of the delivery date, the booking order will be issued to the freight forwarder. For planned shipments, it is generally to book a space a week in advance. It must take into account some factors such as how many cabinets each water vessel must stipulate by the customer and the time of arrival at the port. At the same time, the destination port, shipping schedule, ETA, ETD, and other information must be clear. For seafood products, we use freezer shipping generally. we must keep in mind the shipping company’s information such as the time for renting and returning counters, cooling costs, overnight detention, and withdrawals to avoid unnecessary costs.

5. Customs declaration and inspection: Customs declaration and inspection shall be implemented by the factory. Generally, we shall deliver the inspection information to the Commodity Inspection Bureau in advance. The information will be provided by our company. The factory will then make the corresponding documents to declare and inspect the goods.

6. On the day of shipment: On the day of shipment, get the driver’s information, container number, ship name, and other information from the freight forwarder, fax it to the factory, and the factory proofreads the container number for loading.

After loading, the factory faxes the loading order form, which contains the quantity, specifications, and production batch number of the loaded goods. (We make CODE LIST according to the production batch number, and send it to the customer at that time)

7. Documents:

First of all, the bill of lading, which is very important as a certificate of cargo rights. First, the bill of lading will go to the freight forwarder, and the freight forwarding company makes the original bill of lading over 2-3 days after the ship opens.

The second is related to invoices, packing slips, certificates of origin, etc. In this process, you need to be very careful and cautious. We checked and checked again for the document, and then read and check again, proofreading every word and every number, so as not to make mistakes, which will cause unnecessary trouble at that time.

8. Post-work: It is to track the arrival of the goods at the port and urge customers to pay (all customers do Telegraphic Transfer). 

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