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Job description

Seafood inspector – Indonesia

Ocean Treasure is in constant development and will expand throughout the world. We offer you the opportunity to grow within our company and to acquire a new and rewarding experience.

Ocean Treasure is looking for an excellent inspector in Indonesia who will inspect our goods in Indonesia; and find more reliable suppliers, helping the company expand the business there.


For quality control:
1. Go to the factory in time for inspections once you get noticed by our company.
2. Inspect seafood according to company requirements.
3. Be able to judge product quality without being affected by the factory independently.
4. Feedback product quality information in time.
5. Issue inspection report in English and send to office in time. Within 12 hours after inspection.
Finding new suppliers  
Help the company to find more reliable suppliers in Indonesia and expand the business there. Each new supplier needs to perform a factory audit before official cooperation.

Essential Functions/Requirements: Seafood inspector – Indonesia

1. Be proficient in both spoken and written English.
2. Get used to Chinese working time and can be contacted any time.
3. Well-known about frozen seafood, especially Octopus, oilfish, squid, etc. 
4. Strong computer software skills.
5. Flexible working time, this job needs to travel a lot, and good health is required.
6. Minimum 2-3 years experience regarding the inspection.
7. Strong communication skills with all kinds of people.
8. A range of interpersonal skills includes listening to information from others, asking questions, providing routine information, gaining the cooperation of others to complete work or to address issues, and dealing with angry people face to face.  
9. Keep the company with a good reputation in Indonesia.

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