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Setembro 28, 2021

The double control policy- a watershed for China's fishery exporting industry seafood. the China government issued the double control policy - Barometer of 2021 Half-Year Regional Energy Consumption Intensity & Total Amount.
2021 new catch todarodes, quantity up but price still high

Setembro 24, 2021

The china todarodes price is still high! Since the fishing ban in China (May to August), the catching of todarodes has been stopped for almost three months. The raw material situation has been in a significant shortage for a long time, and the price is high.
panga fillet poster

Setembro 9, 2021

For the raw material, the new offer price increased nearly 50%! Ocean Treasure sees many pending orders have to increase the final price.
mackerel HGT

Setembro 3, 2021

Mackerel from China is less competitive with the high freight, With this high freight cost, the FOB price decreased to maintain the full price. Can mackerel FOB Price Descent cover the growth of the freight?
freight increase 2021

Agosto 27, 2021

more and more carriers are ready to join the container market for these hot lines, and the freight cost may be stable or decrease in Q4, 2021.
vannamei farming

Junho 9, 2021

The shrimp market last month is highly active. Due to the supply issue of Indian, all the vannamei price starts to increase. Ecuador. Indonesia, Vietnam all get more orders. But does that mean that India will lose its market share? Ecuador says! Maybe! India says! We are finding ways back!

Maio 19, 2021

The whole vannamei industry predicts that Indian will still take the most significant share of the vannamei market in the second quarter. But the pandemic outbreak changed the situation of the Indian vannamei market. As a leading seafood exporter and supplier in China, Ocean Treasure sees the trend.

Novembro 11, 2020

Recently, Ocean Treasure updated the import price of Vannamei. The prices of Vannamei in Mexico, Venezuela, and Ecuador have all seen substantial price cuts, and the prices are falling every day.

Outubro 28, 2020

The domestic import price of vannamei is rising unstoppably. Recently, the global vannamei shrimp market is scorching, and the raw material prices of vannamei have been rising. In several countries, raw material catching is limited, making the entire market of vannamei increased to varying degrees.

Outubro 16, 2020

Due to the recent epidemic, the current Indian Vannamei market in India has been dramatically affected. But HOSO Indian vannamei may perfectly match the Chinese New Year Demand for its short-distance shipment.
panga price strike

Outubro 10, 2020

Panga price is striking back now. Panga is always a hot sale product as low-cost daily consumption seafood. Before July, Panga's price plummeted over 19.8%. This affected the whole market of the Panga industry. Ocean Treasure will make a short analysis of the Panga market.
tilapia trend

Setembro 13, 2020

Como está a tendência do mercado de tilápia? O mercado de tilápia é o maior mercado de consumo diário do mundo. O que podemos prever para o nosso próximo semestre?

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