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9月 28, 2021

The double control policy- a watershed for China's fishery exporting industry seafood. the China government issued the double control policy - Barometer of 2021 Half-Year Regional Energy Consumption Intensity & Total Amount.
Ocean Treasure World Foods Limited - a leading seafood exporter in China.

9月 27, 2021

Ocean Treasure World Foods Limited - a leading seafood exporter in China. It's a great day for us to present our new video presentation.
how to find good seafood exporter in china

9月 24, 2021

In the international seafood business, there are always spam and fake companies. How can we find seafood exporters in China are good or not?
freight increase 2021

8月 27, 2021

more and more carriers are ready to join the container market for these hot lines, and the freight cost may be stable or decrease in Q4, 2021.
panga processing

8月 25, 2021

Vietnam: Officials extend stricter COVID-19 rules in Vietnam through September. 8. Ocean Treasure, a seafood exporter & supplier in China.

8月 20, 2021

Ningbo Meishan port will be partially reopened on August 24 and fully open on September 1! Bad news: the delays will affect other ports

5月 19, 2021

Undercurrentnews: Ocean Treasure sets up the B2B platform! An interview with Ocean Treasure's CEO Mr. Oliver Nikolovski

2月 19, 2021

Chinese freight rates remain sky-high, exporters predict gradual easing - Undercurrentnews interview with Ocean Treasure's CEO and Founders

2月 10, 2021

For the entire Chinese imported frozen seafood industry in 2020, it cannot be easy. The frozen seafood industry has been stuck all the way, starting from the salmon case at the beginning of 2020
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9月 28, 2020


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