Market Trends

Market Trends

Shrimp market – Ocean Treasure

The shrimp market is facing great challenges due to the uncertain of the COVID-19. Farmers in India and Indonesia are holding a really conservative attitude about the Shrimp market now.

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How we can achieve a good fishery environment

July 8, 2020

As far as we can see, the climate change leads to insecurity and conflicts worldwide. Especially in the pandemic, we need to rethink about the politics to account for the extreme consequences of environment issues.
The Benefits of Tilapia Fish

July 4, 2020

Tilapia is an inexpensive, mild-flavored fish. It is the fourth most commonly consumed type of seafood in the world.
Holiday greetings-Dragon Boat Festival

July 3, 2020

The Dragon Boat Festival, also known as the Duanyang Festival, is the fifth day of the fifth lunar month of each year and is one of the four traditional festivals in China.
Teach you how to defrost squid

May 8, 2020

Ocean Treasure has its own team of qualified inspectors in China and Vietnam. For each order, we will provide you a detailed report based on the real inspection.
Product description: Squid

May 8, 2020

Ocean Treasure Foods Limited is a frozen seafood exporter and a full-service provider with customers throughout Europe, North Africa, Latin America and USA.
Ocean Treasure World Foods Limited acquires ASC certificate

March 23, 2020

Ocean Treasure World Foods Limited has acquired ASC ( Aquaculture Stewardship Council) certificate recently.
World Seafood Shanghai

August 19, 2017

World Seafood Shanghai, Thank you for coming to the Expo and looking forward to seeing you next time!

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