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panga fillet poster

September 9, 2021

For the raw material, the new offer price increased nearly 50%! Ocean Treasure sees many pending orders have to increase the final price.
mackerel HGT China less competitive

September 3, 2021

Mackerel from China is less competitive with the high freight, With this high freight cost, the FOB price decreased to maintain the full price. Can mackerel FOB Price Descent cover the growth of the freight?
freight increase 2021 by the accident Ever Given

August 27, 2021

more and more carriers are ready to join the container market for these hot lines, and the freight cost may be stable or decrease in Q4, 2021.
CEO Ocean Treasure

August 9, 2021

Recently we are facing important changes in the situation here in Vietnam and China. It is important that the Ocean Treasure team share the information to help you understand more what is happening here and how it can affect your own business.
freight increase 2021 by the accident Ever Given

August 5, 2021

hinese seafood export situation due to the pandemic in July is not very optimistic, Ocean Treasure summary the situation for August.
Delta variant is killing the Vietnam seafood factories- especially for panga!

August 5, 2021

lta variant is killing the Vietnam seafood factories- especially for panga! Vietnam is suffering from the pandemic, and the seafood business is in a mess.
indian vannamei

July 28, 2021

There are 1,000 to 1,200 containers of shrimp exported from India stranded in Chinese ports. Ocean Treasure, a leading seafood exporter. We provide the latese info about this issue.
Price increase right now! Panga suppliers are suffering.

July 22, 2021

The price increase right now! all the factories offer the new price and it increased so fast. Vietnam is the world's biggest supplier of pangasius. These days, the factories suffered a lot due to the new wave of the pandemic situation.

July 12, 2021

Recently, the price of illex raw materials has skyrocketed. In just ten days, the price per ton has risen by more than 5,000 RMB and even more than 2,000 RMB in two days. Why does the price increase that high?
alaska pollock

July 2, 2021

Recently the raw material of Alaska Pollock is in good condition, but the problem is the transportation and processing part to China.
india vannamei

June 23, 2021

Indian vannamei shortage in China, the importers and processers suffered a lot due to the supply issue and the temporary restriction.

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