Global farmed shrimp prices continue to fall

In China, the vannamei market was sluggish this week, with shrimp prices generally falling by 1-3 yuan per kilogram in many places. Since the beginning of June, factors such as weak consumption, heavy rain and high temperature weather, and the impact of diseased shrimp have exacerbated the decline in shrimp prices, putting farmers under great […]

The global shrimp market is oversaturated: challenges and hopes of exporters

Ecuador The global shrimp market is yet to recover from the ongoing decline following the pandemic. The accumulation of excess inventories is exacerbated by high production and transportation costs, exacerbated by the imposition of countervailing duties by the United States on the three largest exporting countries and a series of reports of harmful industry practices […]

Inspection Service from Ocean Treasure

Ocean Treasure Foods Limited stands as a premier frozen seafood exporter, importer, and comprehensive service provider, catering to clientele across Europe, North Africa, Latin America, and the USA. We pride ourselves not only on our expansive reach but also on our professional inspection services, ensuring top-tier quality at every stage. Inspection Service: Our array of […]

Chinese Freight Changes: Turbulence and Adaptation in Global Shipping

In recent times, the maritime industry has been abuzz with announcements of adjustments to freight rates, signaling a new phase of recalibration in global shipping dynamics. Spearheaded by prominent players such as CMA CGM, Hapag-Lloyd, MSC, Maersk, Hyundai, and Wanhai, these adjustments span a wide array of routes, encompassing European, African, North American, and transpacific […]

Navigating International Trade: The Complexities of Japanese Seafood Rerouting

The Japanese government’s recent decision to release treated sewage from the Fukushima nuclear power plant into the ocean has sparked heightened concerns within the international community regarding the safety of Japanese seafood. A recent report by “Nikkei Asia” shed light on a potential workaround: amidst China’s ban on imports, Japanese scallops might be rerouted through […]

Thank You for Making SEG Barcelona Fair a Success

As the bustling energy of the SEG Barcelona Fair begins to settle, we find ourselves reflecting on the whirlwind of excitement, connections, and possibilities that filled our days. With sincere gratitude, we extend our heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you who visited our booth during this remarkable event. Your presence transformed our […]

Visit Ocean Treasure at Hall 2 Stand B203 for Valuable Insights and Market Updates

When visiting the Ocean Treasure stand at 2B203, attendees will gather essential and up-to-date information on the seafood and food ingredients market, with specific insights into key products such as tomato paste, Vannamei shrimp, and Illex squid. Here’s a detailed overview of the useful information visitors can expect: Vannamei Shrimp Supply Insights The experts in […]

Explore Ocean Treasure at Seafood Expo Global 2024

Seafood Expo Global 2024, the world’s largest seafood trade fair, will take place from April 23 to April 25 at Fira Barcelona Gran Via. This event is the premier destination for industry professionals from across the globe, featuring the latest in seafood products, technology, and innovation. The expo will feature more than 33,000 visitors and […]

100,000 Kilograms of Scallops in a Single Day

In the coastal region of Jimo Aoshanwei, Shandong, a bountiful harvest season has dawned with the arrival of warmer temperatures, propelling the scallops and haihong into abundance. Thanks to the favorable conditions of higher temperatures and increased marine microorganisms, this year’s market debut has arrived over a month earlier than usual. At Fengjiahe pier, the […]

SEG 2024: Or Why Your Must-Visit our Stand

Annually Seafood Expo Global collects thousands of seafood experts in Barcelona. Only last year, SEG saw the grown of 21% in exhibit space totaling out in staggering 49,299m2. However, this achievement merely laid the groundwork for further success. This year record was broken yet again. This year, Diversified Communications proudly announced another groundbreaking accomplishment, surpassing […]

Alaska Pollock and Cod Trends in the 2024 Seafood Market

As the seafood industry enters 2024, all eyes are on two key players: Alaska Pollock and Cod. These species, integral to global seafood markets, are poised to experience significant trends and shifts in the year ahead. In this SEO article, we explore the latest developments, challenges, and opportunities surrounding Alaska Pollock and Cod, shedding light […]