CIEF is Blazing with A Strong Bounce Back

The 10th China Ingredient E-commerce Festival (CIEF), also the 5th China-Vietnam Panga Industry Summit, Chinese Gastronomy Forum, 2022 New Plates Tasting and Exchange Conference are held in Wuhan, China from 6th July to 8th July. Although the epidemic policy still strict in China, people sill crossed provinces even other countries gathered in Wuhan. The exhibition […]

Ready-to-eat, a Promising Revolution in Post-pandemic

No more washing, cutting, seasoning, you could easily have chicken, duck, fish or crab in an instant, you don’t even have to enter your kitchen. Nowadays, under the catalysis of the epidemic and new consumption scenarios, ready-to-eat dishes that cater to fast-paced life have emerged, becoming a “new track” for both ends of the enterprise […]

Shanghai Reopened on Edge after 80 Days

On 1st of June, when the authorities in Shanghai lifted a months-long lock-down, many aspects of life in the city have returned to normal. A part of Shanghai has accelerated the reopening of public places in recent days. Outdoor stadiums in Jinshan district will open their outdoor sports grounds, and tourist attractions such as the botanical […]

2022 World Oceans Day: Revitalization!

World Oceans Day’s concept was first proposed in 1992 at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro as a way to celebrate our world’s shared ocean and our personal connection to the sea, as well as to raise awareness about the crucial role the ocean plays in our lives and the important ways people can […]

Golden Pomfret Raw Materials Reduced by 40%  

  Prices Surged Strong Before Peak Season Golden pomfret is well known for being non-fishy tasting fish. It has a flat shape, subtly sweet taste, and firm texture. Moreover, golden pomfret is a high-quality fish with rich nutrition and high content of DHA and EPA. Lacking an intramuscular spine, it is a safe and suitable […]

Shortage of Raw Materials Cause Panga Prices to Spike

Panga (Pangasius hypophthalmus), also known as “basa” and “river cobbler” in Europe, “catfish” in the US and “dory” in Singapore – is one of over 20 pangasius species. After French scientists successfully developed spawning technology for the fish in the mid-90s, the sector took off on Vietnam’s Mekong Delta. And with low mortalities, a short […]

Tilapia price drops 10%, Covid Hits Guangdong Again

Prices recently decreased in the Chinese tilapia industry due to changes in exchange rates, freight fees and current epidemic conditions. Last week, Covid cases have risen in Guangdong province. As the largest aquaculture base in China, tilapia prices have dropped10% in the wake of a new lockdown there. Tilapia is an available, mild-flavored fish. It […]

The Vegetable Fluctuation is Challenging all Nations

A global pressure due to the Ukraine-Russia incident Russia entered its 2 months of military operations against Ukraine recently. In addition to soaring energy and food prices, the war has also had a great impact on the vegetable industry in many countries, including the rise in vegetable prices in some countries. Ocean Treasure will bring […]

Seafood Industry is Booming Again

On April 28, the 28th Seafood Expo Global came to an end at the Fira Barcelona Grant Via, Spain. The Sea Food Expo Global is one of the world’s largest seafood exhibitions, which has gone through a change of location and Covid-19. Delayed three years, this event held in Barcelona 2022. According to their official […]

Lockdown! The First-hand China Situation

The latest lockdown has been last a while in Shanghai and other cities. How is it affect our business? Ocean Treasure World Foods Limited experts revealed the first-hand China lockdown situation here. Factories in the south: Guangdong, Hainan, Vietnam, Ningbo, Zhoushan, etc Panga is totally fine while Vietnam has decided to live with Covid. The […]

2021 Four Seasons all in winter – Summary of China’s Vannamei Import in 2021

China's Vannamei import

Frozen winter has silently arrived, as it should be at the end of the year 2021. However, Vannamei importers might feel numb because they have been too long in winter. The whole year of 2021 seems like only one season-winter. Covid waves hit different cities without signs of ending, making the import of frozen seafood […]

The Dalian seafood industry might open soon! Good news!

Dalian seafood industry

Recently, the situation in Dalian area has become better than before! Many can think that the covid zero policy is strict, but in the end, it works fast. After all the cases have been detected and separated from the rest of the population, we start to have brighter days.