Ocean Treasure at Seafood Expo Global, or why should you visit us?

5 reasons why you should visit SEG Barcelona

The Seafood Expo Global, a major international trade fair for the seafood industry that takes place annually in Barcelona. It brings together thousands of buyers, suppliers, and other professionals from around the world to network, learn about new products and trends, and do business.In keeping with tradition, Ocean Treasure will have part in upcoming. As […]

Spain’s Changing Seafood Demand and Habits. What is the solution?


The energy crisis and rising inflation in Spain are affecting consumers’ buying habits. According to a recent survey by the Spanish consumer organization OCU. The survey found that consumers are becoming more conscious of their spending and are looking for cost-effective alternatives, such as frozen seafood and canned products. This trend may be attributed to a […]

How Should We Deal with the Cost-of-living Crisis?

turnkey Ocean Treasure

Post Covid era welcomed us with more challenges. Energy and food Crises, natural disasters, record-breaking weather, regional conflicts, and economic turbulence, all of these factors caused production mitigation and subsequent increase in the cost of living. In addition, making products with the best quality and price is no longer enough. In the modern world, the […]

Great comeback of Chinese Tilapia in 2023?

Chinese Tilapia comeback

China is one of the biggest and most notable seafood and aquaculture player in the world with almost 35% of global fish resources being produced in China. It will be an understatement to say, that Tilapia didn’t play important role in achieving this incredible feat. In less than 30 years production of Chinese Tilapia increased from 0.12 […]

New future for Chinese Seafood Industry


In the past few years, the Chinese seafood wholesale industry in China had a few restrictions it never dealt with before. Almost every container of frozen products was obligated to be tested for COVID-19 to prevent the disease from the spread of cold chain.  The Chinese seafood industry was not an exception. This drastically increased […]

Ocean Treasure Returns to Seafood Expo in Barcelona

SEG Barcelona Ocean Treasure

Seafood Expo Global the world’s largest and most diverse seafood expo, will return to Barcelona for its 29th edition on 25-27 April 2023. Organized by Diversified Communications, the event debuted in the Catalan capital last April with a successful outcome at Fira de Barcelona’s Gran Vía venue. Building on the 2022 edition’s momentum, the event […]

Main seafood and fruits & vegetables trends in 2023

– Eating habits of world population changes to more sustainable and nutrients dense seafood heavy way  – Globalization and increased life standards of developing countries increase consumption of seafood. – Energy crisis will lead to high bills in factories. Processed seafood and F&V will have a big potential in 2023 Those are the trends of […]

Blue diet is the new future?

Blue diet

Sustainable seafood could provide more nutrition to people than beef, pork and chicken while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. reports an article published online in Communications Earth & Environment. The findings suggest that policies to promote seafood in diets as a substitute for other animal protein could improve future food security and help address climate change. […]

Seafood industry in China after zero-COVID policy

Seafood industry in China after zero-COVID policy

Executives in seafood industry in China are hoping for improvement in 2023 after a difficult 2022, a year during which Covid-related restrictions battled domestic demand Lin Xiaowen, an executive from Hainan Eternal Spring Fisheries Co., said business has gotten worse ever since the third quarter of the year. “Quarter one and two were good for […]

How should we preserve food?

From the beginning of time food has been a crucial part of a healthy and well-functioning society. All kinds of vitamins, micronutrients, and macronutrients are needed for every human being to work efficiently. But to have it you need food in the seasons when it just simply doesn’t grow. This simple fact was well-known by […]

<strong>The Science of Color in Fruits and Vegetables</strong>

Fruits and vegetables come in a wide array of colors that change throughout their ripening process, with the brightest colors often occurring when the fruit is optimally ripened.  “Eat the rainbow” is a fundamental healthy eating tip. Foods that are strong and bright in color are normally healthy for us. Fruits and Vegetables, most of us […]